Online Hubbub: The Communist Dracula Pageant, Thursday, November 13, 2008

What did this play make you think about?

“The nature of power and how power can delude one into believing that one is infallible and more intelligent and capable than one is.”—TVHC

“Just how torqued Romania was.”—RickF

“Eastern European Communism.  Ambiguity–not all black and white.”—Bill D.

Where were you when the Iron Curtain fell?  When the Berlin Wall came down?  What are your memories?

“I was on a consulting gig in Kiel, West Germany.  Couldn’t quite believe it was true and worried that the Soviets would come crashing through with troops and tanks.”—TVHC

What else would you like to say about the play?

“I found this a very one note production and not as thought provoking as the reality of the Ceausescu’s fall from power.  The A.R.T.’s Brecht productions have been much more thought provoking as was Peter Sellar’s production a couple of years ago.”—TVHC

“I really enjoyed it — it was well written and well acted. The last part with the dancing (partial) bears was just perfect.”—RickF

“Superbly done, as all ART productions are.  Would have gained immensely from some sort of introductory materials.  Program helped some, but it itself somewhat confusing. OK to assume audience is smart, but it was just not that informed on something that happened 19 years ago.”—Bill D.


One Response to Online Hubbub: The Communist Dracula Pageant, Thursday, November 13, 2008

  1. Lajos Heder says:

    In our 20 +/- years of season subscriptions we have sen quite a range of ART productions from brilliant to dud, at least never conventionally boring. Communist Dracula was pretty close to the bottom. It is poorly written, neither funny enough to be a successful farce nor insightful enough to illuminate anything about those events. Having grown up in Hungary and having visited Romania I watched the events depicted very closely in real life and found this play offensive, like a crudely written minstrel show. My companions, without my background, just found it dull. The principal ART actors, whom I have known and loved to watch for a long time, worked hard, but seemed unable to breathe life into this mess.
    Fortunately, ART usually rises from this kind of debacle and I am looking forward to seeing Aurelia this week. Good luck with that, Lajos Héder

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