Online Hubbub: The Communist Dracula Pageant, Monday, November 3, 2008

What did this play make you think about?

“The way people in a position of power can manipulate public opinion.”—Barry P.

“Historiography.  The film, ‘12:08 East of Bucharest.’”—Bearlover

Where were you when the Iron Curtain fell?  When the Berlin Wall came down?  What are your memories?

“Living in Boston. I had crossed between West and East Berlin in the late ’60s, so have vivid memories of the nasty separation it formed and the no-man’s land in between.”—Barry P.

“I was three. I was in Ithaca, watching TV. I remember realizing that it was a big deal, but nothing else.”—Bearlover

Ceausescu’s fantasies created a reality for the Romanian people.  Have you ever had your reality shaped by someone else’s fantasies?

“No, but from my travels, I have seen individual opinions and fantasies shaped by others in China and some African countries.”—Barry P.

“Yes, as a mother.”—betsey a.

What else would you like to say about the play?

“Loved it, especially (as always) the acting of Thomas Derrah and Karen MacDonald.”—Barry P.

“Enjoyed the actors.  Found the play boring, which may be the point:  boring people brought about disaster and never “grew”.  For passion and another, more understandable evil, Dracula had to fill the role.”—betsey a.

“I loved the bear!”—Bearlover

“They kept it upbeat and relatively entertaining especially given the subject matter.  The style of the play means you can’t rely on any of it as real history, so you don’t come away feeling informed.  I would not recommend this play to others.”—JudyE


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