Anne Washburn on Political Earthquakes and Stolen Revolutions

From Anne Washburn, playwright of The Communist Dracula Pageant:

“Chaos, action, rumor, deception, hope – The Communist Dracula Pageant lives in a political and cultural landscape that contains a mixture of all of these. As we have rehearsed and brought the script alive, I think about “political earthquakes” – how they erupt in every age, in every culture, in every life.

I invite you to share your thoughts – have you experienced political earthquakes? On what scale – personal? local? national? global? Is what we are living through right now a political earthquake? In what way?”


3 Responses to Anne Washburn on Political Earthquakes and Stolen Revolutions

  1. Ann says:

    I hope we are in the middle of a political earthquake. Thank god. We’ve been living under the delusional leadership of Bush/Cheney/Ashcroft … And the current quake may in fact result in fertile ground for Obama to change the entire reality and relationship of our political leaders to the US citizenry.

    I wonder – is there always a political earthquake happening somewhere?

    In a small community, or a school, or in an entire region? Or as now, in this interconnected economy? Do changing values drive earthquakes?

  2. Dorothy says:

    I agree. I think we are in the middle of a political earthquake for sure. Throughout the play I was reminded of just how much I have been waiting for the day when Bush will be out of office and Obama can begin to heal this country and our world relationships.

    Yes, there are earthquakes everywhere, in every system, however small.

  3. From Dracula to Ceausescu !
    I left Romanıa on the mornıng of December 22nd 1975.
    My father saıd good bye . followıng the usual communicatıon protocol – covered the telephone wıth a pıllow,put the radıo on and whıspered ın my ear :
    ıf you ever make ıt to Frankfurt, call me wıth thıs code ! He was afraıd my passport approval was just a charade. The Otopenı Internatıonal Aırport was completely empty . And dark. An old woman was washıng the floors and the sound of her tın bucket stayed wıth me for years…There were about 35 foreıgn travellers at the Pan Am flıght and two Romanıans. I was 25 years old and thıs was my fırst flıght ever . I asked the stewardess to tell me when we cross the border. Whıch border . she replıed . servıng a coke and ıce – another new concept. When we arrıved . we dıd not move. Used for half of our lıves to be told what to do . we were waıtıng for ınstructıons…they never came and only when the pılot left the plane and looked at us ın shock we dared follow the crew and enter the West !
    Thıs year I return to Transılvanıa leadıng a hıstory tour through the country that sent me out..
    A new member of the European Communıty , Romanıa was betrayed both by ıts geography and hıstory – thıs ıs the land where the myth of Dracula became a marketıng realıty whıle Ceausescu.s legacy turned ınto a nostalgıc least for some.
    Stıll, Romanıa ıs probably the best country to be from ! It gıves you the rıght sense of humor to survıve communısm .

    ps. sorry for any mis spellıngs ın my short note.
    I am saılıng off the Turkısh coast wrıtıng on a fısherman,s computer ..

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