Online Hubbub: Let Me Down Easy, Friday, October 3, 2008

Which character was your favorite and why?

“The doctor in the hospital in New Orleans, because I have had my own denial about the varying levels and degrees of personal and institutional racism in our country – her insights hit home for me.”—Sherrad B.

“I thought the characters dealing with the Rwandan genocide were most powerful, especially those whose grace was built around forgiveness and reconciliation. Rwanda is a miracle of forgiveness and grace.”—Edward M.

Who else would you suggest that Anna interview in her ongoing exploration of grace?

“Survivors.”—Sherrad B.

“Eugene McCarthy for believing that poetry and humanity can exist in the soul of a president; Barbara Jordan for knowing that truth will always transcend power; Eugene Debbs for everything.”—Edward M.

Have you experienced grace in your life?  How?

“Everyday the Grace of the Creator touches me in some way and I am full of gratitude.”—Sherrad B.

“In studying the films of the Soviet filmmaker Andrei Tarkovsky with Professor Ray Carney at BU some years ago, I discovered through the arc of his film several principals that are the children of grace: humility, remembrance, sacrifice, place, redemption and the absence of noise.”—Edward M.

Other Comments

“THANK YOU!!!!”—Sherrad B.

“I thought Anna’s performance was remarkable on many levels, but mostly in the way she was able to use language to give elegance to even the weariness of human misfortune and agony.”—Edward M.


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