Cardenio Online Hubbub Monday, June 9, 2008: Your Cardenio

As part of the Cardenio project, Stephen Greenblatt has given support to companies around the world for them to produce their own adaptations of the Cardenio story from Cervantes’ Don Quixote. If you were to adapt the story, what would your play be?

“my first thought is something to do with animal costumes.  Now that we know they really don’t mate for life.” -Styler Divine

“I think I’d give more back story to Doris. She’s an interesting character.” -Linda W

“Well, gee, there is the mysterious wrecked marriage of Susana. Suppose she had just gotten divorced from French President Sarkozy? His life could certainly be played for laughs, what with bringing a comedian chum (Falstaff!) with him to a Papal audience. There has to be enough opportunities for edgy characters and recognizable stereotypes double-crossing and misunderstanding each other in that circle. Call it Enuffe.” -Gentle Viewer

“I’d like to spend more time with the story of the sister of the bride.  It’s a fascinating exploration of family dynamics as well as how easy it is to be completely jaded about marriage in this day and age of divorce and lack of commitment in so many relationships.” -tcosway

“I’m not sure I could come up with a plot right now, but I would certainly involve “the wilderness” somehow and scene and setting.  I might also name characters that are meant to be together names from Shakespeare’s plays, so that the audience knows well in advance who belong with whom even when the characters don’t.” -Kristin L.

“I’d do it in modern Moscow: where people just got married, but infidelity is in the air. Maybe even the marriage itself served as a tool to get closer to some kind of opportunities (natural resources, power, fame…). But then true feelings find their way out…” -AG

“I would have it be an all lesbian Cardenio… or have they already done that on L-word?” -KJ


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