Cardenio Online Hubbub Monday, June 2, 2008

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“The character of Doris was too “doom and gloom”.  She makes a good foil to the other happy characters, but should have had some kind of vulnerability.” – S. Daniels

“LOVED the play; one of your best. LOVED the set; nice to see a non-minimalist one for a change.” – Elaine A.

“My wife and I subscribed this year and, after reading the Globe‘s review, were not looking forward to Cardenio.  But we thoroughly enjoyed it.  What went right?    First, we stopped thinking about it as “Shakespearean.”  We enjoyed it for what it was…an actors’ farce performed by a great cast with only passing nods to Shakespeare and Cervantes.  The bad review was the result of wrong expectations and perhaps some lingering resentment at what ART did to Romeo and Juliet (DISASTER) and Julius Ceasar (merely wrongheaded).  We thoroughly enjoyed Merchant of Venice and generally believed that the Shakespeare, Greek and Brecht plays were among your best.      Now, why was it an “actors’ farce?”  The writing was fine but Remo, Karen, and Will (written as if they were buddies…) really formed the core of everything that was right about this play. Although the two women singers were very good.  We ended up recommending the play to all our friends although one of them left at intermission she was so disappointed.” -Jim Walsh, Nahant

“The first act was better than the second, maybe because the play began taking its moral climate too seriously.” – edlih h

“I do think that it is the worst play I have ever seen — it set my new reference point for bad, articulating the manifold ways in which it failed would require days of work, so I will elide the details.    I do congratulate the actors for being able to put it on without vomiting during the performance.” – rdf

“Wonderful play.  One of the best we have ever been to at ART.  We laughed out loud many times.  You NEVER know what to expect at the ART.” -Larry B

“We have enjoyed productions of Charles Mee’s other plays at the ART and really did not know what to expect with this collaboration.  Acknowledging that I probably missed many of the Shakespearean references, I left feeling that the play was not sure what it wanted to be.  And as well drawn as the individual characters might have been, the various relationships did not come to life for me on the stage.” – harveyp

“I have seen this play twice, and I attended the Harvard Magazine reception where Stephen Greenblatt spoke.  I thought the play was great fun, and I particularly appreciate that its adaptability to other cultures and situations is encouraged.” – Dianne V.

“very enjoyable production.    Why was the house so sparsely populated?” -J and R

“The 2 songs were wonderful. What were they?” -Stephen C

“Finding little nubbins of Shakespeare embedded in the story added greatly to our enjoyment – but in many ways, the play stood on its own merits.” – Lucinda K


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  1. Nick Kouros says:

    We left at intermission, which could not come soon enough. As a regular subscriber for many years, we are left perplexed as to “What were they thinking?” No Shakespearian wit here, just some of the vehicles; as empty as a sitcom. Hugely dissapointing. I hope this is not a sign of the ART’s new direction!

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