Cardenio Online Hubbub Monday, June 2, 2008: Your Cardenio

As part of the Cardenio project, Stephen Greenblatt has given support to companies around the world for them to produce their own adaptations of the Cardenio story from Cervantes’ Don Quixote. If you were to adapt the story, what would your play be?

“I heard Stephen speak about the Japanese version – I can’t conceive anything more wonderful than a motorcycle repair shop setting. It boggles the imagination! But it could work in a barrio setting – somewhere where the cultural underpinnings of honor, passion and violence make sense – to capture what makes the original story of Cardenio tick and what may have made it attractive to Shakespeare and Fletcher as a source.” – Lucinda K

“I would have parents getting married and children meddling.” – Dianne V.

“Conclude with Dorotea and Lucinda falling in love with each other and leaving their “gentlemen” to patch things up between themselves.” – edlih h

“I’d set it amongst mid-aged boomers, newly divorced and having difficulty ‘knowing’ what they want…and thus falling into wrong headed couplings.” – Elaine A.

“Set it in LA and Berkeley, with Will LeBow transiting on his Vespa.  Called the “Post-Graduate,” the play would examine the desire (and counter-desire) of the half-playwright (Greenblatt, found living at his former haunt, in Berkeley) to both claim credit for and disclaim credit for his creation.  With me so far?” – R. Henry R.


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