Cardenio Online Hubbub Friday, May 30, 2008

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“I enjoyed the play, but not as a “lost Shakespeare” play. Had the advertising been themed in a different way, I think that the reviews would have been better. “Inspired by a lost play” would have been a better lead. A couple of the younger females could have used more projection in the early scenes (hard to hear even in row J). Some of the sound cues were too loud, poor balance with the audio levels of the rest of the play. Some of us are NOT hard of hearing, not having grown up with earphone constantly attached to our ears at 90 plus decibels. It was well directed as a farce, with rapid exits & entrances, which worked much better than a typical Shakespearian approach (at least from this non-expert’s view point).” -Fred C

“I don’t think the script had enough unity. It seemed like a number of great ideas but not a whole play.” -Damon J



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