Cardenio Online Hubbub Wednesday, May 28, 2008

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“I thought some editing was needed.  The solo dance and the toast (by the same character) were too long.  Shorter versions would have been more effective.” -T. Chrostowski

“I really enjoyed the play.  A clever and well-woven paean to Shakespeare.  Also, the set was fantastic – could we have it when you’re done to attach to the back of our house?”-MW

“I thought this play had vast potential, and was a lot of fun to watch.  However, it seemed ever so slightly lacking in depth: Shakespeare’s plays always resonate with deeper themes, and this Cardenio somehow skimmed the surface.” -A. Milton

“I really loved the music — the voices were enchanting and added real tenderness to the comedy.    The oddly wicked sister reminded me of the witches in Wizard of Oz — reinforced by the hat and especially the red shoes.  The costumes and scenery were terrific, too — as enchanting as the acting” -E.A.B.

“Enjoyable evening – I would say the best of the season.” -Hal G.

“The play was a piebald – splotches of boredom and of hilarity.” -Fred H

“First act felt stilted/artificial and was not engaging. Left me as an observer rather than a participant. The singular theme of forced betrayal with dire/happy consequences should have been balanced by a more positive experience and I am not sure the father/mother marriage would fall into that category.” -RvB



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