Cardenio Online Hubbub Monday May, 26, 2008

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“The play was outstanding; the most important factor (other than a very sophisticated script) was that it is actually funny, both because of the script, and the acting performances. The actors commit big social blunders and everyone else sees it but them – the essence of humor in the context of an important social occasion such as a wedding.” – Jon L.

“For me, various elements were either stereotypical (choices of Italian music, the food descriptions during the wedding feast), or didn’t hang together–either with the character or stylistically — (e.g, the Barry White and the dancing in the beginning and the operatic singing by Susanna, the actress).” – Stefania Z.

“The play was A+ as entertainment, but that’s all.  It will not sink down into my spirit to remain and nourish.” – Petrakis B.

“I really enjoyed the play! It was a great deal of fun and such a talented cast!” – Leher S.

“Thought Remo was hysterically funny.” – Karen L

“I enjoyed the evening and appreciated the effort.  I needed to adjust my original expectation which was for a Shakespearean type dialogue interspersed throughout.  Too bad for me.” – Rob M

“A fun concept, but the play needs editing. Like the “Albanian” wedding toast, it went on too long.  It’s very arch- and meta- everything, and could only survive in a university theater. The actors were fabulous, otherwise the gimmicky show would have been a disaster.  Remo, as usual, stole the evening.” -perry g.

“It is too bad that the Globe gave a poor review.  It was a great fun evening.  I was awake for the entire performance.” -Steve

“This was a great idea, but the script needed some attention from a professional playwright who would have pruned banal language, set up the inciting incident more clearly, and kept the action from bogging down.” -VirginiaL.

“We loved the play and always enjoy going to the ART. We are also big fans of Steven Greenblatt’s work.” -jocelynmia

“The play was a play on human nature and the foible we experience in youth and in presenting ourselves as the wise older person.” -irene k

“Loved the vitality of the play, the parody of (too harsh a term, the admiring parallels to Shakespeare, the dance and oh, the acting, brilliant!” – David R.



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