Cardenio Online Hubbub Monday May, 26, 2008: Your Cardenio

As part of the Cardenio project, Stephen Greenblatt has given support to companies around the world for them to produce their own adaptations of the Cardenio story from Cervantes’ Don Quixote. If you were to adapt the story, what would your play be?

“I would model it more on Twelfth Night, but with a twist at the end.  The “boy” sent to test the bride is really a girl dressed as a boy.  Of course the emissary and the bride develop a relationship.  How to solve the mess?  Here comes the twist, which differs of course from Twelfth Night.  Secretly, the bride is a lesbian, and so is the girl who is now dressed as a boy.  When the cross-dressing is exposed, both lesbians are delighted and go off to get married in California!” – Petrakis B.

“In a word, disaster; mingling the artful nature of Shakespeare is beyond ordinaries like myself.” – Rob M

“It would be less self-indulgent and closer to Shakespeare.” – VirginiaL.

“I think it would be fun to set the story in a Florida retirement home. The characters would meet at a funeral instead of a wedding and the lovers would have had a long, faded history together.  In the end, they would be buried together with their true loves.” -jocelynmia

“How is it possible for me to change what is already complete for the culture I live with?” -irene k


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