Cardenio Online Hubbub Friday, May 23, 2008

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“One of the best plays I have seen in 5 years of subscribing to ART.  Hilarious.  I couldn’t stop laughing.” -Bonny S

“Loved the general enthusiasm of the cast.” -wendy m

“This owed as much to mid- and late-period Woody Allen as to Shakespeare, I thought (especially in the Edmund-Simonetta interaction).  The incorporation of some Shakespearean elements into the plot was charming, but the language was LEADEN, both dull and stagey (the only time it sounded real was when Melchiore/Derrah was describing the various pastas, which seemed copied from real life and hence spontaneous and funny), and the younger performers were not very good at making it sound alive.  The lack of exploration of the non-lovers’ inner lives (Melchiore and Simonetta, Rudi, even the parents) wasn’t very Shakespearean; Shakespeare also wouldn’t have left out Camilla’s and Will’s public confession of their love (everyone else leaves believing that Camilla is still shaken by Anselmo’s betrayal, leaving Camilla and Will to a private celebration, but Shakespeare likes integration and community at the ends of comedies, not privacy).  And there was no epilogue; clearly there should have been one by Camilla (a la As You Like It) or by Rudi (a la the other comedies). -Anon Y.

“I am so disappointed with the terrible review the Globe gave this play. It was 100% INJUSTICE. They play was fun, the stage amazing and the acting superb. It was so sad to see the theater only 1/2 to 2/3 full. So many people are missing an outstanding performance.” -CarlosN


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