Cardenio Online Hubbub Thursday, May 22, 2008: Weddings Gone Awry

We’ve asked our audience to reveal their best stories of weddings gone awry. What stories do you have?

“My brother got thrown out of his own reception for drinking too much, doing Mick Jagger imitations and scaring the children. He went alone to NYC to a Yankee’s game direct from his ejection (on his wedding night).” -Tommy S

“The closest I’ve ever come to such a train wreck was being taken aside by the groom on the day of the wedding and then listening to him agonize about what he was about to do while he insisted on getting thoroughly intoxicated. A little while later, while the wedding ceremony was being performed, he was a little wobbly and his bride knew it. Well short of a farce, but sadly, the marriage did not prosper.” -Swrfer

“The centerpiece was a glass vase with a samurai fighting fish in it. It was on a glass mirror, however, with candles at each corner, and during the reception, the candles started to heat up the water in the vase. Several fish were boiled before people realized what was happening.” -Bob P.

“No, but when I was officiating, as a Lutheran minister, at a wedding, one of the ushers made a pass at me. In 1968!” -bobby b


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