Cardenio Online Hubbub Wednesday, May 21, 2008

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“Fun for longtime subscribers to have ART veterans as the older characters, especially when it allowed them to comment on theater and acting and when they seemed to be having such a great time. Made me wonder if the playwrights had written these parts with these actors in mind.” -BTM

“I wonder how this play compares to what Greenblatt and Mee had imagined at the onset.” -Joss

“Don’t have time for more, but wanted to say we enjoyed Cardenio and we believe the production deserves much more credit than the Globe review suggested.  Yes, the script could use some editing, but there should have been a better house.  Could A.R.T. appeal to a larger audience by getting (and publicizing) response every night from people who actually saw the play?  There ought to be some way of lessening the impact of quirky opinion from one reviewer.” -John K

“I was deeply disappointed in this production and in the script, and the theater itself.  The ticket, even at the reduced senior price, was overly expensive.  Driving more than a hundred miles and back, to and from Cambridge, was costly, and turned out not to be worth it…I did not stay for the second act, so uncompelling, trite, and mechanical did I find this play.  I had to stuff tissues in my ears because the sound system was set at deafening levels.  Seats in the theater are uncomfortably tall for an average sized woman: me: and cut off circulation in my legs.  I intensely dislike the intrusion of even the most charming actor between me/audience and the beginning of the play. If this is a habit of the ART, to have someone intrude with unnecessary messages on my relationship with the rest of the audience and the performance, I will not buy any more tickets to your shows.” -Trudi



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