Cardenio Online Hubbub Tuesday, May 20, 2008

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“The staging was amazing as usual, but I found the play itself a bit fluffy and perhaps predictable.” -Velotrain

“The people who attended the play with me could see no reason, save that Greenblatt is a member of the Harvard faculty, why the ART should have produced that play.” -Sara S.

“It was the most contrived and artificial play I have seen in a long time. The endless homages to Umbria, pasta, and other things Italian were mind numbing.” -Ashot G

“All in all, I was thoroughly entertained!” -rtrac3y

“The set was astounding … but not as well used as I would have thought given the effort … and it seemed to trap the players and the audience in one time and one place. (Did the entire play really only happen over a few hours — it certainly seemed like it). The play was fun … but I couldn’t find the Shakespeare (or any other grand/big themes — what is it about love that is so fickle? What is it about human nature that drives us to hurt one another?). It seemed more like a movie than a play (it didn’t really use the medium well). Moreover, in the hands of lesser actors, the production (as my wife commented) would have been an unmitigated disaster … it is not the kind of work I imagine will weather well …” – MPR

“I loved the quirky characters in this play I saw Sunday night. I laughed a little too loudly. Tell them that David Wheeler is going to see it again.” -David W.



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