Cardenio Online Hubbub Tuesday, May 20, 2008: Your Cardenio

As part of the Cardenio project, Stephen Greenblatt has given support to companies around the world for them to produce their own adaptations of the Cardenio story from Cervantes’ Don Quixote. If you were to adapt the story, what would your play be?

“I’d do something where Shakespeare’s acting troupe were touring Spain and ran into Cervantes.” -rtrac3y

“I would probably turn it into a modern Gilbert & Sullivan type musical. After all, the play has almost all the same elements (surprise endings, feasts, odd circumstances, exotic locale). And of course, it ends in a wedding (well, several if you count all the proposals).” -MPR

“Buddy Holly getting married by the Reverend Johnny Baptist to Peggy Sue in, or course, Lubbock, Texas.” -David W.


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