Cardenio Online Hubbub Monday, May 19, 2008

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“Great production, fast-paced, funny, provocative of thought.” -Dusty Dust

“I don’t usually respond to this sort of survey, but I am responding here because the reviews in the media seemed so unfair.  We had a good time, the play was fun and the references to Shakespeare’s work were clear and fun.  Sure the poetry was missing, but I would have thought much less of the authors if they had written the play in iambic pentameter.” -Dan B.

“Remo ROCKED!!” -Dogbite

“A very enjoyable and thoughtfully engaging show!  I plan to recommend it to friends.  One note that might better the play for the future. [If] Susana had a few lines after Anselmo.” -Lindsey

“Lots of fun. Great production.” -Mike S

“great play.  really enjoyed it.” –mv

“A wonderful entertainment with many enlightening lessons of life. Totally delightful charming and funny!” –Howard and Gwenadear

“Play was fun, though bit long. (we live an hour away). Opera singing was wonderful.” -Michael and Pamela QM

“The music and pavane-inspired dance of the finale were very well done, very sweet and gave me the feeling of a silent epilogue, capping the play with something true to Shakespeare’s time, and very true to the place and characters as well…My wife and I thought one of the gems in the text was the serving of the wedding feast, where the cook so enthusiastically presents the many pasta dishes. This seemed an example of how Shakespeare often advances his subtext inside poetic or passionate language.  This bit seems to be just Melchior self-importantly trying to impress everyone with his cuisine.  But the many dishes are really just all pasta, and the characters must wonder which dish to choose. What the speech is telling us is that men and women are really all the same.  Deep down we’re just “pasta” — its the flavorings and preparation that make us different and what ultimately leads one person to choose another.  Anyway, Melchior acted this bit with great panache, and we enjoyed having this longer stretch of words, with no action — it makes you wonder, what are they telling us here?” -Fernando S

“I thought the play was wonderful.  It was a great way to appreciate Shakespearean theater.  The play and style was like Shakespeare, but the language was very modern.  Someone new to Shakespeare would really enjoy it.” -Mike F.


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  1. BB says:

    I enjoyed the play very much. The actors were great and the singers were wonderful. I thought you could have completely skipped the stupid soliloquy near the end, and the cricket soundtrack got very irritating, but other than that, a very enjoyable show.

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