Cardenio Online Hubbub Monday, May 19, 2008: Weddings Gone Awry

We’ve asked our audience to reveal their best stories of weddings gone awry. What stories do you have?

“At my wedding, we had a friend who broke her ankle. The dancing was so vigorous she fell over. I kind of think of it as a badge of honor that the party was so fun and crazy.” -WW

“Only a small glitch.  An outdoor wedding, with a brick walk.  The edge of the bride’s veil caught on the bricks, and the veil was pulled off her head.” -BAE

“When I was young, my much older cousin got married.  Her father (my uncle) had remarried after her biological mother had died some years before.  However, her mother’s relatives were still put out about the fact that her father had remarried and caused quite a scene at the wedding, eventually storming out.  It definitely put a damper on what should have been a wonderful occasion.” -Mike F.


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  1. lolipop says:

    I think weddings are really dinner theatre, and if ever there was a chance to review a production… Oy! With some weddings, I think brides apply Artaud’s Theory of Theatre of Cruelty to some of their ceremonies. Case in point: I’ve seen half-naked fire eaters at a reception or another where the groomsmen were bikers or another where they had “hurling” at the reception. But those aren’t so bad when you come to thing of it. It’s the “normal” ceremonies that go wrong before the ceremony takes place… I’ve had fill in as a last minute stage manager: father had an anxiety attack and couldn’t bring his daughter down the aisle, the flower girls had their dresses fedex’d to church a half hour before the ceremony, the flowers sent to the wrong address, lights out in the church from a storm the night before, limo breakdown on the way to the church etc.

  2. Caroline ready says:

    I have subscibed to the ART for several years now.

    I found the play full of good humor, high jinks, satire, and excellent acting skills.
    It was “Shakespearian” in plays within a play, and switched lovers.
    The drunken dance at the beginning had fabulous foot-work and sheer energy.
    And the fanciful dual roles done at the end, using the mop, broke me up.
    I particularly enjoyed the set and the costumes.
    (My companion loved it, too.)

    Caroline ready

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