Cardenio Online Hubbub Monday, May 19, 2008: Shakespearean Tricks #61-65

Stephen Greenblatt and Charles Mee borrowed a number of Shakespearean devices, tricks, characters, and themes while scripting this play.  Here’s what our audience has picked out so far ( Warning! Spoilers! )

65. The pavane-inspired dance
64. Eyes gouged out from King Lear
63. Female sidekick like Nerissa (Merchant of Venice) or Celia (As You Like It)
62. The best friends whose friendship (at least initially) is more important than their bonds of matrimony
61. Evil Duke

You can view #1-38 here, #39-44 here, #45-54 here, and #55-60 here.
Did you notice any? Keep the discussion going on A.R.T.’s Online Hubbub.


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