Cardenio Online Hubbub Wednesday, May 14, 2008: Your Cardenio

As part of the Cardenio project, Stephen Greenblatt has given support to companies around the world for them to produce their own adaptations of the Cardenio story from Cervantes’ Don Quixote. If you were to adapt the story, what would your play be?

“I would like to put the Cardenio story into something a bit less contemporary.  I think it could be fun to set it in the American West, actually – during the railroad boom.  You could do some interesting things with the characters then – the lords being perhaps the tycoons, Anselmo being a cowboy or sheriff or something similar.  You could really get a lot of mileage out of the idea, plus it tips a hat to the dusty Spanish plains from which Quixote himself hails.” -Andrew B.

“Cheesy sci-fi flick.” -Greg J

“I’m not sure for definite, but like Mee and Greenblatt I think I would try to set it in the present day where it seems to be increasingly rare that people stay together.” -anonymous

“As silly as it sounds, the play reminded me of the socialite woes of the Real Housewives series. I might stage it in upper class NYC, perhaps, playing up the fickleness of humanity under the comedy of it.” -Katherine M.


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