Cardenio Online Hubbub Wednesday, May 14, 2008: Weddings Gone Awry

We’ve asked our audience to reveal their best stories of weddings gone awry. What stories do you have?

“The craziest was probably my cousin’s – first cousin of 15 to get married.  The wedding itself went off without a hitch, but the limo outside left without the bride and groom – the wedding party was inside, but not the actually wedded couple.  Then, at the reception, we noticed a real live wedding crasher had decided to grace us with his presence.  We noticed him because he was wearing a polo shirt and checkered shorts while everyone else was in suits and dresses.  He also managed to bag two bridesmaids for the night.  Unfortunately (or, I suppose, fortunately) I’ve never been at a wedding like that of the play!” -Andrew B.

“I heard a story once about a wedding in which the father of the bride left his tux jacket draped over is chair, and the wedding video revealed that the father of the groom rifled through it for his wallet.” -JasonR

“After the reception, we were back at the hotel for a post-party.  The bride’s half sister approached the bride’s father and introduced herself as the bride’s sister.  The only problem was the father was actually not the bride’s biological father.  He had known this for a while, but raised the bride as his own and remained very involved in her life even after divorcing her mother.  He had no idea the bride knew otherwise.  Obviously, it came as a huge shock that not only had the bride found out, but that she had also contacted her biological father.  The evening turned into a disaster of a screaming match.” – LM


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