Cardenio Online Hubbub Wednesday, May 14, 2008: Shakespearean Tricks #45-55

Stephen Greenblatt and Charles Mee borrowed a number of Shakespearean devices, tricks, characters, and themes while scripting this play.  Here’s what our audience has picked out so far ( Warning! Spoilers! )

55. A number of references to Twelfth Night
54. The angry bitter mean person leaving and saying they’d be back
53. Taming of the Shrew
52. The surprise visitors who bring something that alters the course of the plot
51. Will was wearing a costume for the play and had a skull in his hands.
50. Numerous jokes taken from Midsummer
49. Death scene parodies several Shakespearean deaths, notably Lavinia’s cut-out tongue.
48. Comic servant
47. Edmund as a Mercutio-like character 
46. Rapid-fire reconciliations and pairings in the last few minutes
45. The exotic Italian locale

You can view #1-38 here and #39-44 here.
Did you notice any? Keep the discussion going on A.R.T.’s Online Hubbub.


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