Cardenio Online Hubbub Monday, May 12, 2008: Shakespearean Tricks #1-#38

Stephen Greenblatt and Charles Mee borrowed a number of Shakespearean devices, tricks, characters, and themes while scripting this play. Here’s what our audience has picked out so far (Warning! Spoilers!)

38. and “all of the techniques you mentioned in the ART newsletter” – Raffael D.
37. Characters staging scenes to be overheard and misinterpreted by others…
36. The cynical killjoy being banished in the final wedding scene
35. All the character names from Shakespeare’s plays and life
34. Iambic pentameter.
33. The use of uproarious comedy to deal with the many facets of an underlying serious topic -in this case the very nature of the institution of marriage.
32. Soliloquys {or their equivalent}
31. Low social level characters mainly for comic relief yet with perceptive comments
30. Intruding parents (parents pushing different marriage partners from their children’s wishes)
29. Falstaff the fool played by Doris.
28. Love causing dilemmas
27. Ending the play with a dance or masque was a common Elizabethan device.
26. Comic death scene akin to Bottom’s in Pyramus and Thisbe.
25. Jealousies
24. People overheard by others.
23. Bottom instructions to the actors by an experienced actor/director
22. The miscast lovers finding their true loves after several situations.
21. Going into the countryside to reestablish order.
20. Rudi as Nick Bottom trying to take all of the roles in the show.
19. Everything happens in a day or two
18. “All the world’s a stage”
17. The clown character
16. Hamlet’s speech to the players
15. One character pretending to seduce another to test her faithfulness.
14. The play within the play
13. The difficulty a character has figuring out what they really want.
12. The truth teller being run out of the scene.
11. The playful confusion between characters playing tricks on each other.
10. The lover-switch
9. The sudden and preposterous falling-in-love
8. The Hamlet quotes
7. The deception scene at the end
6. The wench
5. The ‘mechanicals’
4. The handyman’s Lady MacBeth hands
3. The father’s lines justifying drama
2. The cross-dressing
1. The music

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