Elections & Erections Online Talkback: Saturday, May 3, 2008 8:00PM

“South Africa for many of us in the US was one of the major issues for the activist generation post Viet Nam.  There were many South African expats that we were friends with, especially in the medical field. Nelson Mandela when he came to Boston after liberation and spoke from the Hatch shell on the Esplanade acknowledged the role that people of Boston in supporting his struggle.  It was great to attend your performance to get news of a country that I feel I was long involved in but never visited, and maybe find ways to reconnect to South Africa’s present trials. My wife had a grueling work week, and your performance was just great medicine.” -Stuart  A

“Thank you, Pieter, for sticking to the drag act.  But then, come to think of it, politics can be such a drag. We were speculating whether or not you are supporting Winnie for president.  She appears to be a mass of contradictions and also is a consistent champion of the most oppressed. Of course, Evita number 0ne, maybe Winnie number Two?” -chelita

“I told Pieter-Dirk Uys after the show tonight that: He wasn’t supposed to make me cry.  He made me cry.  Finally I understood Winnie Mandela a little better–the “bad” begins to make sense to me. Pieter-Dirk Uys’ honesty about his own journey from implicit racism to explicit anti-racism was deeply moving.  This was a very, very funny show, but I walk away from it feeling sobered.  Also with deeper understandings of what–as an outsider –I’ve struggled for so long to understand.  And deeply moved by Pieter-Dirk’s ability to share his soul with such honesty.” -Andrea D.

“Very creative performance.  WE liked the mixing and comparisons between the two cultures.  Sometimes the South African references were too oblique for us Americans who aren’t as deeply familiar with the SA political scene.  Had a flavor of Dame Edna to it. Overall quite fine, but there were times we would say, “what did he say”? Or “I didn’t understand that?”” -Dan F


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