Elections & Erections Online Talkback: Saturday, May 3, 2008 2:00PM

“Your performance delighted and saddened me with nostalgia for the struggle, hopefulness & harsh realism I encountered while working for the Defense & Aid Fund in Jo’burg Summer to Fall 1964, after graduating from H’63. I attended the Rivonia Trial, vividly recall tens of blue-rain coated Special Branch linebackers blocking the family seats so Winnie & the kids could not get too close to the prisoners’ dock, typing up affidavits from Robben Island and (a silly undergrad) secreting them in my bra to take home to the U.N. Special Committee on Apartheid. . .lodging w/D&A’s director Elizabeth Franklin Lewin in Hillbrow, the last “united front” org. of Progs, Libs, communists. Knowing Ivan and Lesley Schermbrucker, Bram Fischer…the latter 3 MOST realistic about how long it would take to end apartheid. Now, Pieter’s struggle mirrors their wish for “a more perfect union” of all races, and sadly, the ANC govt. is struggling to live up to the high expectations of 1994-6. Thanks, P-D, for yr stinging hilarity & message to power.” -Judith D

And from Thursday’s performance…

“Please come back soon; you give insights into an important part of the world that we pay too little attention to.  I was sorry to see so little of Evita but interested in the other characters which may have made it easier to address some of your issues and points.  I saw your last show here and was looking forward to the rich German heiress ‘spreading her late husband’s ashes’ I recall.  Thank you for all you do – I would have appreciated it if the audience heard more about your work in Darling… I brought my wife and two friends and we all enjoyed the performance, even the unpleasant reminders of our world and our failings. Zero Arrow is a wonderful setting for this kind of performance, so keep it up.” -Rick H.


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