Elections & Erections Online Talkback: Sunday, April 27, 2008 7:30PM

“Thanks for a great show – insightful, ‘on target’, creative, and fun. We met a tablemate from S. Africa (my wife is from Cape Town) and had a good talk about politics, culture and family in SA and the US.” -Larry S.

“The performance was not exactly what I had expected but it was very well done regardless.  My husband and I spoke about it in terms of it being a more engaging way to find out about South Africa’s History and Future issues.  Watching the show was by no means easy for someone such as myself who did not have enough prior knowledge of the parties involved but as my views seem to bend towards Pieter-Dirk Uys’s, it was worth the challenge to follow along.  We were recently told that one of Nelson’s and Winnie’s daughters once lived in our home, so I enjoyed learning more about their roles (good and bad) in history (and present times!)  I agree with the other comment posted that mentioned wanting to see a similar comedic review of the US.  The observations were smart and the transformations from character to character were seamless.  A pleasurable evening!” -Jenn M

“As stated below  Thank you for your many talents and insights. Wonderful! Not only insightful, provocative (in good ways!), thought provoking, intelligent, fun.” -Juanita

And some other comments from this weekend…

“I loved your Jewish ANC princess, but as a segue to Evita and because–this is the truth–she lived in my apartment building in NYC in the 80s and 90s, with a constant stream of black and white dissident expats on the elevator, and you got her to a T. I thought it was excellent: moving and funny, powerful and informative. I do think he’s been somewhat overexposed–I heard him on NPR (can’t remember which program or programs) and quite a bit of the performance was repeated. I suppose there’s a trade-off there, but for me it felt old.” -Jane B

“We managed to chat about the show afterwards. I thought it was funny yet sad in the reality. I think if I were an American at the show, I wouldn’t want to step foot in SA as I think Pieter highlighted all the worst things about the country. I found it thought provoking though. My friend also mentioned that most Americans probably thought he was making up some of the stories because they seem so unbelievable, but having lived through the apartheid regime, we know he didn’t, it was a great production.” -Lee

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