Elections & Erections Online Talkback: Friday, April 25, 2008 8:00PM

“I loved the show.  I think Pieter is a fantastic artist, mimic, and comic. I was especially interested since I am in a class about Modern South African history and the production spoke to many of the issues we have been discussing.” -Graydon G.

“We loved every moment of it and were delighted to have the chance to meet you and buy your book…our son is a great theater buff! It was terrific and really on point!  We were delighted that he also captured the American political scene so well.  Our son has been studying So. African history this semester so it was particular apt.” -Ann G.

And some additional comments from Thursday’s performance…

“Pieter-  Love you for being you!  Also for having unusual courage.  Prosper and be well.
E+E: excellent and entertaining.  Discussed with my wife the tendency of all politics to revert to the banal, the vain, and the self-serving, although those are all better than atrocity.” -Jim P. aka “Millipede”

“Just keep it up! We had seen Foreign Aids two years ago, and have always remembered it with amazement. This performance wasn’t as unified as that one, but his Desmond Tutu is spot on wonderful, as were most of his closet of characters – performance also brought to mind Mike Daisey. Pieter is a wonderful mixture hilarious fun and dead seriousness which makes his performance stay with you. May he come back again in another two years.” -Barbara B


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