Elections & Erections Online Talkback: Wednesday, April 23, 2008 7:30PM

“It was wonderful! A great honor to have so fantastic and honored a comedian and political satirist bring the realities of South Africa to us here. Thank You! My wife, Alison, and I talked some about politics and the election going on – interminably – here and wished we had the chance to see American satirists of Mr. Uys’s skill so we could laugh some more about our own dysfunctions.” -Bryan W

Here is a selection of comments we recently received from previous performances…

“We could really relate to what you say as we are ex South Africans. We applaud your staying there and fighting the old system and now the new, with your unique style of humor cum truth. We talentless cowards left when we could not stomach the Apartheid government.  Didn’t have a way to fight back without getting into trouble. You are my age and I could never remember all the words and keep up with the energy your acting/entertaining must take.  We liked Mrs. Fine very much – could related to so well (being Jewish) – Not enough of Evita though.  We liked last years Aids related performance more.” -GMK

“Pieter, in shedding light on racism and prejudice in Africa, especially toward gays and lesbians, for such a young democratic nation, made me realize how slow the USA is in embracing equality for a so called older well established democratic nation.  The US also lives under an oppression though subtle, it still keeps us within a social and economic class that is hard to stretch beyond.  I worry about your personal safety in making light of serious issues.  Do be careful!” -Dianna S.

“The power of the show is with me still. Democracy is fragile!  And it needs care. Aids, too.  But, my own words seem empty (trite, common, plain, obvious…) so to Pieter I would say keep on with your presentation through your humor which creates an extraordinary impact.  It is needed! I thank Pieter for his great contributions for social justice–for us all.” -Edie S.


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