Elections & Erections Online Talkback: Sunday, April 20, 2008 2:00PM

“Another excellent show.  (I’ve seen you in several earlier shows.)  Excellent job making it understandable to Americans without losing any of the essence.  From his prior shows, I do not recall his sharing his personal experience (both fear and fun) with sex across the apartheid divide.  These personal aspects made it all the more powerful.  I started reading the book last night, and it is great too… As with any discussion on South Africa, we became depressed about its future despite Uys making light of current and future problems as mere speed wobbles along the path of the development of a very young democracy.” -David H.

“Thanks for your commitment over your lifetime to providing others with an interesting window into your country and the various cultures that are a part of it—and making this window humorous, ironic, and poignant. A performance by someone from another country always makes me realize how little news we can easily get about other nations and people–especially about African countries, unless there is an immediate emergency.  And even then, I imagine we get superficial snippets.  So, I find it to be an important learning experience, as well as entertainment when I get to see someone like Pieter-Dirk.” -E.R.

“Where is America’s Pieter-Dirk Uys?  Oh man, do we ever need someone like you, a hundred Pieters would be even better. Thank you for your performance and your courage.
We talked all the way back to the car about why there is no outrage in this country over a stolen election, curtailment of civil rights, the War(s), Guantanamo, obscene oil profits, etc.” -Barb C


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