Elections & Erections Online Talkback: Saturday, April 19, 2:00PM

“Uys’ performance was powerful in so many ways: I was impressed by his keen understanding of political and social realities in South Africa, his ability to satirize individuals and attitudes by brilliantly embodying their dangerous absurdities, his engagement with the audience . . .  Sometimes the only way to deal with those oblivious to their self-conceit is to laugh at them (Jane Austen, P and P, I think). Uys is a talented storyteller and a man of enormous humanity. Wonderful performance.  I especially enjoyed the seamless way Uys segued from one story/character to another. The issues he touches on exist in various forms and in many contexts. I have and I will be discussing them with friends for quite a while.” -Linda L.

“THANK YOU !! I thought the performance was brilliant and provocative.  I wish I knew of you earlier, I would have loved to have seen your earlier shows.  Are they available on DVD?  ‘Darling’ was beautifully produced and I was touched deeply by the video and your valiant struggle against the SA ignorance and genocide.  Together, both performances were incredibly powerful.  The world needs more heroes like you!!!” -TCT

And from Friday’s performance…

“The setting was excellent and the production was both enjoyable and troubling. The questions and discussions will follow for a long time.” -Frank I.


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