Elections & Erections Online Talkback: April 11-13, 2008

We received some great responses from the weekend performances in the last couple of days, and we wanted to share them with you here.

“Always thought-provoking and entertaining!  So close to the bone so often! Superb performance.  He [Pieter] nailed so many characters and expanded my thinking of some of them.  During the after show discussion it was great to learn more about how he got started.  I first encountered him on MNET while living in Namibia.  He interviewed all the political leaders in the transitional govt.” -SueG

“Live long and speak loudly. Few are given the opportunity to poke and prod and your masterful humor may just be the way to insight. Cambridge is the perfect setting: an open society, an informed audience (albeit still weighted by American ignorance of the world)and a world class act in an intimate setting. Brilliant.” -Wes

“You are fearless. This is the best one-man performance that I have ever seen.  A woman that sat at my table said, “I hear he is like Dame Edna.”  As the performance ended we all just sat there in awe thinking about what we just saw.  I doubt she would have responded to Dame Edna like that. This is the best show I have ever seen at the A.R.T. (and I have seen some pretty good shows there) Also, the cabaret style was amazing.  The lady next to me kept buying my table rounds of drinks, too!” -Zach

“wonderfully funny, a laugh a minute…Quite well done, took alot of stamina especially to do it twice in one day.” -Amy E.

“It’s the 2nd time in the last couple of years we have seen Pieter-Dirk Uys’ performance. The first time, I think back in 2006, we thought it was interesting and informative given the South African backdrop. His skits and characters were rather entertaining. This time, however, we found the material dated and not interesting enough to hold our attention (heard that, seen that,…). This is particularly true given our political scene and imbroglios here in the U.S… I think it would have been much more stimulating and held my attention at least if a good portion of the material was focused on the U.S. political scene and characters leading up to this year’s election. So, in summary, it felt as if Mr. Uys recycled and rehashed old material. Mr. Uys is a very talented performer. Most of the people in our group (there were about 14 of us] felt the same way with the same comments as above.” -richard K.

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