Elections & Erections Online Talkback: Tuesday, April 15, 2008 7:30

“I don’t have time to say all I’d like. That would take many hours and beers. I’ll simply leave it at “fantastic show and a true joy.” It’s rare to see such a perfect marriage of art and politics. Thank you so much and please come back soon!” -John B

“I think that it brought to light the tragedy of HIV in SA while doing it a bit lightheartedly if that is possible. It also shows that politicians are politicians everywhere and if they think that they can get away with something they will try. Unlike George Carlin one cannot leave without thinking back on some of his comments.” -TeddyC

“Thanks for giving me the opportunity to connect with [Pieter] this way. I would like to thank him for the example of his life dedicated to combining art and activism; for opening my eyes, for teaching me lots about how much I don’t know. For the gift of feeling like I was in the room with Desmond Tutu!!! It was inspiring and humbling to “meet” Pieter-Dirk–that sounds like a cliche but it’s the only way to put it. I attended the show alone intentionally so I could absorb and reflect without distraction. There was so much information, so much emotion, so many great jokes, that even being there alone and completely focused I could only take in a small part of it. At home, and this morning at work, I am talking to people about it and encouraging them to see the show.” -Fanette

“Bravo! Well done. Amazing performance. Evita for “ruler of the world!” We loved it both for its educational value and its dramatic presentation. Pieter is like the Capitol Steps of South Africa. Who says humor and politics aren’t great bedfellows?!” -Michal S


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