Elections & Erections Online Talkback: Sunday, April 13, 2008 2:00PM

“You are unique! Not only are you a splendid ambassador for South Africa and an articulate advocate for Aids awareness, you have put Darling on the map! I deeply respect PDU for his amazing talent and courage, but over-all was not as enthused over this performance as the one a few years back. As a former resident of South Africa I could enjoy the humor and the irony, but a lot of that was missed by an American audience. No interesting conversations were sparked at our table.” -Christine R

“Very enjoyable show. I learned a lot about the political situation in South Africa in a touching and delightful way…The performance was magnificent. It certainly had us talking. An absurd regime uses outrageous tools to attempt to fit their creeds to reality. A former African American co-worker of mine was sent to South Africa in the 1980s by Motorola to manage the installation of a communications system. The apartheid government issued him a document declaring him “Temporarily White” so he could stay overnight in a hotel in Johannesburg. Absolutely nuts!” -Joel H.

“Keep up your great work trying to educate the world through drama and humor on the failings of our political systems, and to educate the people and children of your own country on the HIV/AIDS crisis. Excellent! Entertaining! Inspiring! Funny! On the recent history and key actors in South Africa, also both educational and a bit confusing for some of us ignoramus outsiders.” -MikeB

“Boring, predictable and dated. No edge.” -JudyL


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