Elections & Erections Online Talkback: Friday, April 11, 2008 8PM

We haven’t received any responses from Friday’s show yet, but fortunately a response from Tuesday’s performance turned up.

“Great performer and very passionate about the material. Truly in the moment and engaging. Pieter is a true artist who seems so natural at what he does. It was very interesting, eye opening and funny. I do think though that the content of the performance was more suited for a South African audience.  Not that an American audience couldn’t understand or relate to it but I think the stakes are higher for S.A. who have lived these political times more recently and are more connected with the history and plight of the issues. As Pieter said, the SA government is only 14 years old. This in turn makes the comedy more personal, funny and edgy. He started the show with political humor about our current election. This sparked laughter from an audience who were connected to the reference points. There were many reference points after the opening that the audience may not have understood or immediately were able to respond to in real time because they needed to process it. It did however, generate good conversation and inspire me to look more thoroughly at what is happening in SA. All in all, very smart humor that was brilliantly performed. I wish we had someone like Pieter to intelligently do this with American Politics.” -AB

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