Elections & Erections Online Talkback: Wednesday, April 9, 2008 7:30PM


“Occasionally funny, but so-so overall. The discussion focused mostly on South Africa and its politics … some politicians were unknown and in general, while I admire his drive for social justice, I felt disconnected. I expected more focus on American politics, especially in this most pregnant season of political campaigns.”- KarlG

“I loved the show- it was a well executed, clever, poignant performance by Pieter. I enjoyed getting acquainted with the south african political scene with the humorous renderings. I would love to see more of his performances. – Deepti

And from this weekend’s performances…

“I would like to thank him for his courage to speak truth to power. And for being willing to share his personal story as well as addressing the larger political issues. He is very inspiring…Our table got into a very good discussion about political transitions and the differences between South Africa’s situation and the tragedies of Afghanistan and Iraq.”- Eileen B.

“Pieter’s program was wonderful! The ironic humor about the views of the current SA leaders is much more memorable than an in-your-face-approach.”- Mary N


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