Elections & Erections Online Talkback: Tuesday, April 8, 2008 7:30PM

“You do a great job of explaining South Africa so that those of us who know little can understand not only SA but also see a global connection. [After the show] we spoke about similarities and differences between this new work and Foreign Aids. We also talked about how much world news Pieter gave us in one evening as opposed to our own news media which made us realize how little we are doing to find world news in our daily lives.” -John G

We’ve also included some additional responses we’ve received from this weekend’s performances below.

“Pieter – It was a gift to spend the evening with you on Saturday….You are treasured by the South African nation and the WORLD needs more like you. I’m devouring your Memoir, both somberly shaking my head and chuckling out loud! Thanks for journeying to BOS, go on your way safely and return soon!” -Kay Em

“It was deeply sad and terribly funny. Refreshing to experience the power of humor to unmask hypocrisy.” -Stephen C.

“A remarkable talent! Interesting insights into politics of a number of countries.” -Ann and Bob H.


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