Elections & Erections Online Talkback: Saturday, April 5, 2008 8:00PM

“The topic of race is a delicate topic in this country but Pieter dives in and forces us all to adjust our sensitivity chip. This is more than an evening of entertainment. It’s a night out, ‘Cambridge style’.” -Suchitra M

“Honestly, it was a “B”. It felt a little like he was “phoning it in” or riding on his reputation. It is a lot to ask people who have paid $50 to listen to 2.5 hours detailed discussion of South African politics. It can be done, but the energy level and connection have to be extremely high. Neither were, although the talent on display was of course prodigious. How about learning one or two things about Cambridge, to show that you are interested in us, as we are in you? … Especially when the show and the films in the lobby were piling up the almost-worshipful praises of Evita and Pieter. It’s our privilege to see her/him. Surely it’s also hers/his to perform for us …” -Mary Y.
“Very good performance. Poignant, funny…I think it needed a punchy ending which would get everyone to give a standing ovation.” -Michael J
“It was great to learn about South African politics. There are many parallels between the issues there and the issues in the US. It would be interesting to hear the South African perspective on the US (including our upcoming election, but also the US overall).
We really enjoyed it. We discussed the parallels between South African politics and US politics. We also discussed the ridiculous approach to AIDS by the South African government — a real tragedy that is costing people’s lives.” -Mike F.

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