Successful Hong Kong Tour of Orpheus X

Looking back on the tour, some interesting numbers stick out in my mind. A cast and crew totaling 20 plus Rob’s wife, Pam Orchard, traveled to Hong Kong. 4 got sick, 3 got lost, 2 got engaged (Congrats! to Wendy Richman (Violist) and Tim Feeney (percussionist)) and 1 proud and relieved company manager. We performed 4 performances at the 1,181-seat Lyric Theatre that was over 90% sold. We traveled a distance of 19,960 miles from Boston to Hong Kong and back. We spent 35 hours on the airplane in addition to 15 hours of layovers.

Hong Kong has a population of over 6.9 million people and it felt like we saw a lot of them on the streets and footbridges as we toured the city. Touring this incredible destination, we could believe the claim that Hong Kong has 7,681 high-rise apartment buildings and 225 tall skyscrapers, more than any other city in the world. Some of us even climbed the 500 steps to see the Temple of 10,000 Buddhas. The sights we saw and the exotic food we ate inspired us for 7 days, but we really remember the 100s of people we met and the many to whom we owe thanks. Although there are too many to list here, we need to acknowledge 3 Hong Kong Chinese without whom our trip could not have been a success: Kitty Leung, Artists Coordinator; Simon Lam, Technical Coordinator; and So Kowok Wan, Project Manager. It will take us 2 or 3 days to get over our jet lag, but we will have 1000s of pictures to share, 100s of stories to tell, and 1 successful production that we offered to the people of Hong Kong.



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