Final Performance and a fond farewell to Hong Kong

My day began getting Robert Woodruff off to the airport for his flight back to NYC. Despite all the logistical concerns one has when touring internationally, this was by far the most fascinating tour that I have worked on as a company manager. As I sat in the audience for our final performance, I glanced around and saw many young Hong Kong Chinese. Many watched with mouth agape…the performance and the music taking them on the amazing journey in the world of Orpheus X.

I thought that their interest, excitement and bewilderment were the same feelings that all of us had about being in Hong Kong. We all will have great stories to share with our family, friends and colleagues upon our return. I watched as Rinde, Suzan, John, Tim, Jeff, Blake and Wendy took their final bow. They were not only acknowledging the applause, but this final curtain call also showed all of our gratitude to the city and people of Hong Kong for a week that we will never forget!


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