Orpheus X at the Hong Kong Arts Festival

After long flights, the cast and crew of Orpheus X, have arrived safely to Hong Kong. The company flew from San Francisco after the workshop performance at the University of California at Davis. This performance was well attended and received an enthusiastic response from those in attendance. Buoyed by this performance, we were looking forward to performing it for the people of Hong Kong.

The cast flew from San Francisco and despite a bit of rough turbulence, we arrived safely Monday evening. The cast was greeted by the Hong Kong Arts Festival Artists’ Coordinator at the Luk Kwok Hotel. The crew had arrived a day early and many came to the Lobby once we all were checked in. After freshening up, we headed out to a restaurant where we sampled several wonderful Cantonese dishes. The following day, the crew began the load-in with a very efficient crew from the Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts (HKAPA). We were all excited to see the huge banner of Orpheus X postered on the side of the performing arts complex. The huge advertisement in the South China Morning Post has attracted many to our performances. We have been told that 90% of the tickets have been sold for the four performances. Our performances will take place at the 1,181-seat Lyric Theatre located in the HKAPA from Thursday, February 21 – Sunday, February 24.

I think we have all had a chance to explore a bit of Hong Kong and soak in the culture of this amazing city. We look forward to presenting our production to the people of Hong Kong!

More later!



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