We had our first two previews! Wonderful to have an audience, feel them there with you, to hear their responses. We had so many laughs, which surprised us: after a month of work, you forget about the humor, how these people gently chide each other. There are some very funny things in this play (Frayn wrote “Noises Off”, after all) admidst all the science and secrecy. Also surprised and happy to see how full the houses were for both shows: both the front and sides were filled to the edges! (our rehearsal Sunday night was spent really nailing the blocking for this configuration: because of the three quarter staging, standing six inches to the left or right can change the view of twenty or so people! So precision is really key.)

The ART audiences are quite smart and attentive. You could hear a pin drop in the house most of the time. Then a collective laugh or gasp when the play reveals some new piece of information.

Karen, Will and I spend our dinner breaks at Z Square, in the Square: really great place, and the meatloaf in divine!

Will jokes that Heisenberg and Bohr should open a seafood restaurant named Gone Fisson.

We have today (Monday) off. We need it. In spite of all the excitement and relief of having two performances under our belt, the play is still a true challenge. Not the sort of play that we can lose sight of for too long, lest it elude you. The first act is like being shot out of a cannon. Meanwhile, there’s act two, which is quicker, but just as tricky.

Hope everyone is having a great free day! I’m going to run on the treadmill and then (yes!) look at my lines once again!



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