Had an eight out of ten yesterday and a 10 out of 12 today and tomorrow for tech (for those for you who have no idea what I’m talking about: during tech, all the design elements are added: sound, lights, costumes, set, props. A “ten out of 12” means you work, generally, from noon to midnight with a two hour break in the middle. They are LONG days!)

Walk into the Loeb with my Blueberry RockStar yesterday, ready to go. The set is absolutely, mind-blowingly BEAUTIFUL!

So exciting, too, to be on the Loeb. Some of the best theatre I have seen in my lifetime occurred on that stage, so I’m a bit overwhelmed/excited/ecstatic/nervous all at once!

Trying to navigate this new space.

Will and Karen know the space intimately, of course, and give me some valuable pointers. Feel quite cared for by them (In the play: we discovered in rehearsal that Heisenberg was like a son to Bohr, something that puts a wedge between H. and Margreta.)

The support at the A.R.T. is amazing. Wonderful to experience the collaboration on such a (for me) grand scale. So many amazing artists coming together to tell this story.

Scott a very soothing presence during tech, joking with us, calming us (tech can be quite disorienting for the actors: a lot of standing around in your costume in one place, necessary to get the lights just right, or repeating a certain passage for the sound design.)

Lovely to hear some Beethoven float unexpectedly into the air under a speech…

Meanwhile, the saga of my mouth continues: they got the lab back from that chunk they cut out, and it’s not what they thought at all. They don’t know what it is, actually, but apparently I won’t die from it. (Good to hear!) Now I’m off the pills (they didn’t work anyway) and am now slathering this paste in my mouth, which completely cements my upper lip to my teeth. (Obviously, can’t do that during a show…)

Whoops! I gotta go!



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