stress rash

We are back today after a brief break for Xmas. It’s difficult rehearsing during the holidays, because of all the distractions.

Happy end to a story: about a month ago, I started developing this redness and swelling inside my mouth, on the right side of my upper lip. Nothing noticable, but it was disconcerting, as I’d never experienced anything like it before.

Being a hypocrondriac from way back, I immediately went to my doctor: he couldn’t tell what it was. He sent me to an oral surgeon, who I saw twice and also couldn’t tell what it was. (After three visits, he concluded it was probably a mild allergic reaction to my mouth wash!)

(Interesting fact, by the way: to tell whether something in your mouth is painful or not, they poke at the irritation WITH A PIN, and then they ask: “Does that hurt?”)

Then I saw a dentist, who also didn’t know what it was, but told me it didn’t have anything to do with my teeth.

Finally, (thanks to Harvard, who, technically, I’m working for right now) I went to Harvard Medical Services and saw a doctor who worked out that it was some sort of rash, usually caused by stress.

He asked if I was under any unusual stress right now.

I laughed, and told him about the play!

Anyway, I’m on some sort of pill now that is taking care of the problem, after all that.

Thank god, since it was quite difficult to speak/articulate on quantum physics when my lips felt like throw pillows.

Not sure how Angelina Jolie manages.



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