Donne Darko, set design correspondence #3

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Hey Matt

I like the destruction, the broken-in roof, the feel of something like a plane hanging down into the space and it feels a bit like it could be over donnie’s room.


I like the claustrophobia and plastered walls. it feels like a possible donnie’s room walkway is interesting. it might be interesting to see it traverse through part or all of the space somehow (I feel like we should go vertical the long way and ignore or use only part of the existing risers if they can fit into a configuration we want).

I like the idea of one giant object (either a plane or a pedestrian object filling a room and one single figure in relationship to it…I think that might be useable somewhere), a nice reference for the airplane crashing in his room, it also makes me think it might be interesting if Frank visits him by coming up through the floor. Perhaps his room is elevated, and we put some kind of lift under that floor so frank could rise up with smoke if that doesn’t seem too corny.

I like the other worldliness of a landscape that has rocks suspended just a bit above the ground; it might be a nice way of altering donnie’s world.

I like the decay of the window frames and the exterior, and I like the idea of it being sectional, but that particular section in that space doesn’t seem that strong.


I guess it’s a house interior wall?

– marcus

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