Edinburgh X – 8/28


Each night our stage manager Amy James calls us to the green room at 7:20, to meet and talk about any problems from the previous nights performance. Days can be full of distractions in a scenic European Capital like Edinburgh. On the day of a performance I may go for a walk, eat lunch, do the gym or yoga—but the entire day is really spent in preparation for the demands of the performance, my night job. I think Jeff, Blake, Nathan are seeing more of the town than Suzan and me. Though I think Rinde has taken a couple of scenic bus tours.

Tonight after the performance we got fish and chips take away and brought it to Bennett’s Pub next to the King’s Theatre, where we hung out with the cast of “Doll’s House”, drank some amazing beer (Innis & Gunn), and celebrated a birthday.

-John Kelly


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