Donne Darko, set design correspondence #1

The process of creating a theatrical piece involves many different people and perspectives. When it involves transforming a movie to the stage, as in the case with Donnie Darko, there are additional considerations. Every set element, color choice, and other items are carefully scrutinized for specific functionality, meaning and purpose. Over the next few weeks, we will be posting excerpts of email correspondence and between Marcus Stern (director) and Matt Mcadon (set designer) along with imagery that has influenced the creative process of our production of Donnie Darko.

i had an unrelated thought that perhaps we could do tendrils by having some part of the floor be on plexi and running a long line of light, or several, that when people step on the right points we light them up and we see them connected, or connected to specific things. – marcus

i was wondering if close-ups are important or worth exploring – a live feed idea – or if there’s an idea about juxtaposing a feed of something like the model house to a larger scale behind action – it would need to feel inevitable and necessary though. -matt
i like this idea a lot. let’s keep talking about it. – marcus


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