Edinburgh X – 8/19


We started blocking the show, reacquainting ourselves with the muscle-memory of physical and dramatic proximity. We’re also now running the entire piece twice a day. After today’s first run, Robert said: “OK, that was our ‘dress rehearsal’, ” that the afternoon’s run would be our first “preview”. The remaining 4 runs-throughs over the next 2 days would be additional “previews” (we will have very little tech time onstage at the Festival). We are sprinting here, and each “run” is leaps and bounds. Today was tough, the first time we were “off book”; the 6 ft. less-wide stage playing area is palpably inadequate, but we are quickly adjusting. Amazing how well Robert knows the show. He demands absolute rigor and commitment, and is rewarded with incredible loyalty from the people who work with him. His departure from ART and Harvard will be a huge loss.

-John Kelly


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