Edinburgh X – 8/16/07

We asked the actor John Kelly to keep a journal of his experiences remounting Orpheus X for the Edinburgh International Festival. John responded with a series of insightful entries which we’ll be posting on the blog over the next weeks. As you’ll see they reveal a great deal about the process of creating and revisiting a role. John also appeared in the A.R.T. production, Dido, Queen of Carthage.


John Kelly here. We’re back in Cambridge to re-stage the ART production of Rinde Eckert’s “Orpheus X” at ART 15 months later, re-mounting the work for the Edinburgh International Festival. We had a good first day of rehearsals, everyone seem really happy: Rinde is also playing Orpheus, Suzan Hanson is singing and acting Eurydice, and our band is Jeff Lieberman on piano and guitar, Blake Newman on bass, Wendy Richman on viola, and Nathan Davis on percussion. We have 6 days.

-John Kelly


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