Let’s celebrate…

We had our first audience tonight. A nice crowd I must say. Very smart and very aware. We got such a warm response. Whew…We’ve been alone for a few weeks so it’s nice to add the crowd. Can’t wait for the weekend – especially Sunday when we are “open” officially.

Sister and I are rewarding ourselves for a good night’s work. She is perched on the desk chair looking at D-listed. Funny site, if not a bit sardonic at times. She has moved onto Molly Good…even funnier. Her secret surfing habits have been revealed. I hope she doesn’t read this. I, myself, am knitting a few more rows on an electric pink sweater I am making. Sometimes I look at it and wonder what I was thinking…it is pi-unk. I have faith that I can carry it off.?.?Oh have faith Jenny.

I am so glad this has all started up again. I am reminded how much I love doing Don Juan Giovanni. Figaro is up next. I can’t decide which one is harder to perform. I keep stopping myself when I am on the brink of deciding – I don’t want to jinx either one.

Come see the show if you can… Shake our hands afterwards (we greet the audience)…and ask my sister what she thought of Britney’s new single…

-Jennifer Baldwin Peden

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