Mustache glue.

cropped-dscn05181.jpgFor those of my lovely family who wonder if my lips will permanently stay that way–not to worry, it is just mustache glue. In Figaro, I play a boy, and to be even more precise, a boy with a mustache. One of the added benefits is having lips that look like Angelina Jolie’s when the glue gets particularly tacky. Ah, yes, tacky.

I am still getting used to the BLOG concept. I am sure that one can see my lack of experience with the genre by the mere fact that I feel the need to write about the genre. But the BLOG concept does raise questions of pertinence, privacy and just what the heck to write about. I think that my mother said it best in an email to me regarding said BLOG business:

“Dear Christina,

Blogs are informal, goofy, and very public….what’s the story…can everyone in the whole world that has nothing more productive to do with their time keep blogging? What about healthful sleep? I’ve heard of sleep clinics….maybe they are helping people off bad sleeping habits… caffeine, being too busy for their poor little brains, and blogging ??? Anyone who answers you is suspect!!! I hope you liked my blog about your beautiful beauty mark and chin and abnormal lips!!! Ha Ha The word “that” in the first sentence should have been “who” but I can’t get this machine to delete…bummer…is that blog material? I get it ..deep thoughts…we used to call them ‘drivel’ .”

Very good food for thought, Fern, and funny as heck.

Speaking of “funny as heck,” we have some more tech rehearsal to do before our first audience tomorrow for Don Juan Giovanni. It has been great to be back in the Loeb Theater. When doing a remount of a production and moving it from one space to another, there are always alterations that need to be made–I particularly like the alterations made for this show. It is always good when you get a chance to fine tune an already strong piece.

More “drivel” to come.

-Christina Baldwin

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